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Can you recall your first exposure to classical music? When did you catch the “bug”?

Did your parents take you to a live performance? Was it through the radio? Did you stumble across a gorgeous piece on a record, cassette or CD that caught your attention and held it? Did “grownup” musicians visit your school?

In addition to our ongoing efforts to delight and inspire the general public, Musica Vitale is dedicated to “paying forward” what we learned from our own teachers, educating the rising generation through live performances. Each Spring we visit the Coronado middle schools to give not just mini concerts, but lessons on music history, the science of music, etc., where the demonstrations are not sound or video clips, but actual performances by professional musicians and music educators. Students learn that music doesn’t just happen; it is a skill that they too can acquire, whether they grow up to be performers themselves or mature into educated “consumers.”

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