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Musica Vitale will continue the educational programs it began with three Coronado schools, possibly expanding it to other school districts, as well as working on another new program for area schools.

Musica Vitale announces an exciting collaboration with the Krounk String Quartet from Baja California, presenting works by Komitas, Altunyan and Khachaturyan. The program includes both secular instrumental compositions and sacred liturgy sung in Armenian, conducted by Musica Vitale Artistic Director Elena Vizuet.

The concert will be introduced by Dr. William H. C. Propp, professor emeritus of Near Eastern history at the University of California, San Diego.

On May 5th and 6th, the chorale will present “Voice of Armenia.” The performance will be held at Sacred Heart Church, 655 C Ave in Coronado

About Us

About Musica Vitale

Musica Vitale is a professional ensemble presenting a cappella chamber works of Western European and Slavic origin from the last 300 years. The ensembles’ mission is to revive and rediscover neglected repertoire of the Classical, Romantic and post-Romantic eras, maintaining the highest artistic standards, preserving the heritage of vocal chamber music, and bringing enrichment to the community through public performances.

Vitale--or vital, of life--translates into the choices of the ensemble’s repertoire, emphasizing the works of Romantic and Contemporary periods of Music History, emotionally open and charged with expression.

An ensemble of some of San Diego's finest singers offers an audible feast of choral colors and timbres, equally successful in singing with delicacy and finesse as in Robert Schumann’s ‘Romanzen und Balladen’, and with richness and warmth of Sergey Rachmaninov’s Vespers.

Musica Vitale has been bringing music to life since 2005, when a group of professional singers from the San Diego Opera Chorus and Sacred Heart Church came together to perform a benefit concert for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. At this concert, the group revealed its unique potential and Musica Vitale was born.

During these years of exceptional music making, the group became one of premier ensembles in the county and won the hearts of a larger San Diego following.

School Outreach

Musica Vitale's School Outreach

Can you recall your first exposure to classical music? When did you catch the “bug”?

Did your parents take you to a live performance? Was it through the radio? Did you stumble across a gorgeous piece on a record, cassette or CD that caught your attention and held it? Did “grownup” musicians visit your school?

In addition to our ongoing efforts to delight and inspire the general public, Musica Vitale is dedicated to “paying forward” what we learned from our own teachers, educating the rising generation through live performances. Each Spring we visit the Coronado middle schools to give not just mini concerts, but lessons on music history, the science of music, etc., where the demonstrations are not sound or video clips, but actual performances by professional musicians and music educators. Students learn that music doesn’t just happen; it is a skill that they too can acquire, whether they grow up to be performers themselves or mature into educated “consumers.”

Musica received a stack of letters from students after completing the "School Project". Touching, sincere, heart-warm and funny, these sweet Thank You notes made our day!

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With your help, we can all be stewards of the future of serious music.

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