Upcoming Performances

O Pulchritudo. Music by G.C. Menotti

Musica Vitale & Sacred Heart Traditional Choir
Hollace Jones, organist; Elena Vizuet, Music Director

Time & Date

4: 00 PM
Sunday, March 26th

Free admission

Time & Date

4: 00 PM
Sunday, April 2nd

Free admission

The Brazilian Soul, VilLa-Lobos

Solo Piano & Choral Works
Vania Pimentel, Pianist; Elena Vizuet, Music Director

Time & Date

7: 30 PM
Friday, June 2nd

Free admission

Time & Date

4: 00 PM
Sunday, June 4th

Free admission

About Us

About Musica Vitale

Musica Vitale is a professional ensemble presenting a cappella chamber works of Western European and Slavic origin from the 19th and 20th centuries. Ensembles’ mission is to revive and rediscover neglected repertoire of the Romantic and post-Romantic era, maintaining the highest artistic standards, preserving the heritage of vocal chamber music and bringing enrichment to the community through public performances.

Vitale- or vital, of life- translates into the choices of the ensemble’s repertoire with emphasis on the works of Romantic and Contemporary periods of Music History, emotionally open and charged with expression.

An ensemble of finest San Diego singers offers an audible feast of choral colors and timbres; equally successful in producing sound of delicacy and finesse as that of Robert Schumann’s ‘Romanzen und Balladen’ and richness and warmth of Sergey Rachmaninov’s Vespers.

Musica Vitale has been bringing music to life since 2005, when a group of professional singers from the San Diego Opera Chorus and Sacred Heart Church came together to perform at the benefit concert for the victims of Hurricane Katrina in November of 2005. At this concert the group revealed its unique potential and Musica Vitale was born.

During these years of exceptional music making, the group became one of premier ensembles in the county and won hearts of larger San Diego following.

Photos & Videos


Silver Lamps
by David Hurd


They Ring for Matins/ Зорю бьют

Elegy by Kalinnikov


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